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---------------- A S K J O N G K E Y ---------------
•august 31st 2012
blowyourmindgomrsimple: Can I like live on your blog? Please? TT3TT

malhago: Gooood your fanart is just THE CUTEST ;___; teach me your way to art...

omhhohmg i’ll thank you on behalf of all of us awawww thank youuu ;; 3 ;;)/

hmhm ye jus do a bubble and some umhum sticks anddd //sobs/ i’m no good with teaching ;; ;;;;

Anonymous: Wer are you? I miss you alredy!! T~T

omfg i’m sorry little children~ we shall make some new stuff soon ; ;

(it actually is keys fav part~)

August 31st !

We wanna thank all you lovely people! New followers and old followers for staying with us and supporting us~ Q U Q)b hi

He tries his best…
bonus ★